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ScapeCoat Retreat Day – Essex


Sometimes, as we journey through life, we lose our connection with some deep and important aspect of ourselves. When women lose touch with our instinctive psyche we can suffer and feel a loss of our energy, our knowing, our wisdom. Luckily the Wild Woman nature carries stories and dreams, words and songs and signs and symbols, she carries everything a woman needs to be and needs to know. 

This workshop is a designed as a full day retreat to allow freedom from everyday life so you can reconnect with your sacred feminine and wildish nature. It is a healing journey for women – a day of relaxation, creative work, nurturing, meditation, deep healing, self awareness and of celebration! 

Some of the feedback from last year’s Scapecoat Retreat Day…

“For me it was a truly amazing day. The environment you offered enabled  me to sink back into the womb. The music, the food, the drinks all held and nourished me while I went back to my battles to sing over the bones and to then birth (bring new life to) my healing”

“The love, support and respect in the room created a very special space. It was a privilege to be a part of such a powerful and empowering day.”

““What a special day! Once again, I am blown away by the strength of women, and I am proud to be a woman!”


The day is inspired by the  story work of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes whose book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” provides a map for the journey to reconnect to yourself. 

 Our tools include art and ‘making’ of a ScapeCoat – the craft of ‘making’ is an important part of the work. A creative work of   acknowledging wounds, and of proudly owning the battle scars you have won. It is the work of repairing your relationship with the Wild Woman, to regain your wildish, powerful, creative, instinctual, wise and amazing self.

Our journey will also include healing and nourishing food and drink. I provide raw juices, snacks and warming foods, prepared by hand to nourish, nurture and sustain you through the day.

In the evening we end with a celebration and a shared feast, to celebrate your work and your journey.

Come along and join us!

Places are limited so get in touch if you are interested. 

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Saturday 21st September



Cost £135.00 - £10 discount for PCATA members

email :

Mobile : 07921 331069 


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