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I offer:

Certificate & Diploma Courses in Person-centred Art Therapy Skills



My qualifications:

B.A. General in English, French, Geography


B.A. Hons in English

Post-grad Diploma in Counselling and


Certificate in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Certificate in Person-centred Art Therapy Skills

B.A. Hons  Fine Art

External moderator for counselling courses, ABC Awards

In 1998, I trained for one year on Liesl Silverstone’s Person-centred Art Therapy Skills course.

At that time I was a teacher of English in secondary schools, a career spanning more than twenty years.   I was also a person-centred counsellor, having completed a post-graduate course in counselling and psychotherapy at Nottingham Trent University.   On the diploma course, I sometimes recorded personal insights and other aspects of self-awareness through the making of images when words seemed superfluous or inadequate.   In my career as an English teacher, I always contextualised literature with reference to the arts, worked with visual language forms and knew myself to be creative but not in the practical sense.

PCATS was to be a catalyst for change, impacting immediately on both the personal and professional.  Bringing images in art form to the Person-centred Approach, broadened and enhanced my counselling practice and supervision sessions.  I worked in this way with young people, some of whom were educationally disadvantaged, and with adults of all ages, both as individuals and in groups.  As part of my on-going personal development, I studied Transpersonal Psychology for two years, a modality which encourages the making of images to express aspects of the self.  I am informed by it still.   Artistically, I felt ‘freed up’ and began to experiment with making work.  Invited by Liesl, I became a tutor of PCATS in 2001 and supervised by her, I have had the privilege of sharing my experience and knowledge of her model with many students ever since.

I’m still hooked.  Now retired from teaching and counselling practice, I continue to train groups in Liesl’s certificate and diploma courses. I also offer workshops for on-going skills practice.  Gaining a degree in fine art from Nottingham University in 2013, I have added an art practice to many other interests.  One of those interests is PCATA – the Person-centred Art Therapy Association – for which I am treasurer and frequent workshop facilitator.

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