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Underlying Philosophy

In the practice of person-centred art therapy skills, the humanistic, person-centred approach of Carl Rogers and imaging in art form are brought together as complementary processes.

The therapeutic use of art is one of the creative modes to keep us away from cerebral, verbal, judgemental processes, and into the here-and-now world of imagination, intuition, inspiration.  Messages derived from the unconscious can be brought into awareness through imaging. The paradox applies that by thinking less, it is possible to know more.

By making visible our images, we can tap into material from the subconscious, denied to the forefront of our awareness, and gain valuable insights leading to growth, self-awareness and integration.

Images are extensions of the self, made visible in art form. By dialoguing with such an image in a person-centred way, the client can discover the message of the image for him/herself. By having aspects of the image reflected back by a facilitator – the size, the colour, the position of the shapes, the use of material, the process of the image-making, that which is missing – the client has the opportunity to connect with and make a bridge between the image and the self.

The process can be a safe, visible, keep-able, accurate way towards self-awareness. Words (‘talking about’) can have a once-removed flavour; images can offer more immediacy, can enable the client to be less self-conscious and more spontaneous.

The person-centred way is all about the belief that the individual is responsible and capable of self-determination. The purpose of working with images therapeutically is about the encouragement towards greater self-awareness and the potential for autonomy. By bringing the person-centred approach to images expressed in art form, integration, healing and growth can take place at every level of development.

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