Introducing the tutors

As a team we have in common our experience as counsellors and a deep-seated belief in the philosophy and practice of person-centred art therapy skills.  As individuals, we derive from a variety of vocational and cultural backgrounds.  Such diversity and our commitment to the person-centred art therapy skills model, founded by Liesl Silverstone, enrich our collective approach to the training courses, workshops and our support of each other.

  • Chinar Abdulaziz
    Chinar Abdulaziz

    I am currently working as a registered and accredited MBACP counsellor in private practice in Ealing and Ruislip.  I am also on an Employment Assistant Programme.

  • Ani de la Prida
    Ani de la Prida

    My first career was in advertising .

    I found Person Centred Art Therapy in 1999,  and I felt like I had come home.

  • Pam Fletcher
    Pam Fletcher

    In 1998, I trained for one year on Liesl Silverstone’s Person-centred Art Therapy Skills course.

    At that time I was a teacher of English in secondary schools, a career spanning more than twenty years.

  • Gerald Webb
    Gerald Webb

    Hello.  I’m Gerald.

    I had a number of jobs without settling before I found counselling. Since then I’ve worked with a range of people in different settings including general practitioners surgeries and prisons.

  • Pamela Dean
    Pamela Dean

    I began my counselling career in 1994 working with survivors of sexual abuse.   I qualified as a counsellor in 1996 going on to gain my Master in Counselling in 1998.

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