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Creative Scapecoat Workshop


“A scapecoat is a coat that details in painting, writing, and with all manner of things pinned and

stitched to it … all the traumas, all the wounds , all the scars” (Pinkola-Estes. p.386)

This is  a powerful and healing day, based on the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With The Wolves.
Clarissa wrote that skin that’s been injured and formed scar tissue is stronger than skin which has never been wounded. It is the same with injuries to our psyches.  This workshop is designed to enable participants to recognise the strength in emotional scars developed from past experiences. 

Participants will be working with creative materials to create a ‘scapecoat’ including paint, pens, fabric, collage, leaves, glue, needles, cotton etc. Working creatively enables access to deeper subconcious material and integration that can result in new strength, vision and energy within the psyche.

This is not a skills-based counselling practice CPD event, but a day of creative work, nurturing, deep healing, and a celebration to end the day.The day is scheduled to last for 12 hours, ending with a celebration and a shared feast of nurturing food.

All creative materials, coat, refreshments, lunch, and dinner will be provided. A CPD certificate for 12 hours will be supplied.

It’s not necessary to be a counsellor to attend. Non-PCATA members also welcome.

You will find more information here , or email Ani on






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