Art Can Boost Physical and Mental Health

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Art Can Boost Physical and Mental Health

Branca Lessa de Sa from the  Guardian has reported on a recent 8 week arts project  which has had amazing results. .  Artists  have been boosting  residents creativity with a  range of workshops for older residents at a care village in Cheshire. Workshops from creating art work, sculpture, story telling and even dance have been enjoyed by the older residents, many of whom have dementia.

The programme, Where the Arts Belong is a 3 years project Arts Council England project which is  exploring the effectiveness of art in care environments and Belong Crewe is  the first  to try the scheme.

The  interactive workshops  helped residents to form close friendships, and these friendship bonds  are helping residents to feel happier and healthier.

The many benefits of art with older people is well known, according to Dr.Stephenson from Lesley University there is a large body of evidence showing the benefits,

” the power is in the art making process—in how the artist engages with the art being made. And when there are language barriers, either from language loss through dementia or speaking another language, we can still communicate and build connection through art making…making art with others can counteract these negative impacts and instead promote increased self-esteem, motivation and social connection, leading to improved health and well-being. “When people take the risk of making art with others, it builds community, which is therapeutic. Making art allows this community-building to happen quickly and more powerfully,” 


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