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Anxiety in a Picture

Working with art and images can be such a powerful way to work, it can give a voice where there wasn’t one before, and it can enable the  expression of deep,  painful or unconscious material in ways that words cannot accurately convey.

This creative expression in itself can be therapeutic, but working with the image and it’s meaning with a client can help a much greater depth of therapeutic change and healing to occur.Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 23.07.47

This image was shared with me by a client, who I shall call Ling.  Ling was 20 , and described herself as painfully shy and lacking in confidence. She was born in China but had moved to London with her family when she was 10 years old. Ling was struggling with her sense of identity. She was also in an abusive relationship with an older man and was afraid to tell anyone. , Ling found this image on Instagram, and although she didn’t draw it herself, she shared it in the session to describe how she was feeling. She said she felt all messed up, and she felt lost behind the mess. The image also expresses her sense of isolation and loneliness, and Ling’s difficulty in communicating this to her parents and to the outside world.

Images say more than words, and in this instance, this image helped Ling to share her inner world in a way that using words alone would not have done.



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