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Certificate & Diploma courses in P-CATS


About me 

 I found Person Centred Art Therapy in 1999,  and I felt like I had come home.  After completing the certificate I went on to train as a person-centred therapist in order to use PCATS skills as a counsellor and as a tutor.

I was thrilled to become a PCATS course tutor at Havering College in 2005. I met Liesl in the same year, and will be forever inspired by her and by the tough training I experienced with her.   I continue to be fascinated by working with art. I’ve taught this course since 2005, supervised by Liesl Silverstone until her death in 2013.
I am passionate about the person-centred approach and working therapeutically with art and creative materials. I have an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, I am an author, a qualified lecturer, and an external examiner and have taught at colleges and universities for over ten years.  My research interest is digital media in therapyand I recently carried out a small research project exploring experiences of digital media using an iPad in therapy.

I currently have a small private practice as a person centred therapist and arts counsellor working with art, play materials and digital media.

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